Reports & Calls to Action 

6_Month_Report.pngThe Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: 6-Month Progress Report

April 2022

This report is an update detailing the actions and plans in progress for the Office of EDI to address the six recommendations from the President’s Anti-Racism Working Group (ARWG) Final Report.


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Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action:  

To amend Canada’s legacy of residential schools and advance reconciliation, the final report by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada called on governments, educational and religious institutions, civil society groups and all Canadians to act on the 94 calls to action. The report provides details of what happened to Indigenous children who were physically and sexually abused in government boarding schools, where thousands died from diseases resulting from poor living conditions. On December 15, 2015, the Prime Minister stated the Government of Canada's commitment to implement the recommendations of the commission.  

Read the 94 Calls to Action

President’s Anti-Racism Working Group Results  

In January 2020, Western established the Anti-Racism Working Group, comprised of 20 students, faculty, and staff. The Group engaged with the university community through listening sessions, written submissions, and data collection through campus wide and national surveys.  

The final May 19,2020 report details students' experiences on campus and recommends 24 next steps towards the future. It outlines recommendations from policy and training, to hiring practices, to curricula and research, to student experience, and to Western’s legacy as a higher education institution. The group also calls for furthering on campus support for those effected by racism, suggesting a campaign like the current gender and sexual violence awareness campaigns.  

Read the 24 Recommended Steps Towards a More Inclusive and Anti-Racist Future 

Western’s Anti-Racism Working Group Members  


  1. Lisa Highgate, Associate Director, Conduct and Conflict Resolution, Housing & Ancillary Services
  2. Jina Kum, President, Society of Graduate Students (PhD Candidate, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine) 
  3. Erica Lawson, Undergraduate Chair & Associate Professor, Dept. of Women’s Studies & Feminist Research 



  1. Wesam AbdElhamid Mohamed, Graduate Student, Civil & Environmental Engineering 
  2. Razan Abdellatif Mohamed, President, Black Students’ Association (undergraduate student) 
  3. Vanessa Ambtman-Smith, (Nehiyaw-Métis), PhD Candidate, Geography 
  4. Larissa Bartlett, Director, Equity & Human Rights Services 
  5. Henri Boyi, Professor, Department of French Studies 
  6. Candace Brunette-Debassige, (Mushkego Cree) Acting Vice-Provost & Associate Vice-President (Indigenous Initiatives) 
  7. Chava Bychutsky, Vice-President, Education, Western Hillel (undergraduate student) 
  8. Adriana Dimova, Academic Coordinator 
  9. Bertha Garcia, Professor, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 
  10. Nicole Kaniki, Staff Representative for Professional & Managerial Association (PMA) 
  11. Cecilia Liu, University Students’ Council (undergraduate student) 
  12. Michael Milde, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities 
  13. Chizoba Oriuwa, President, African Students’ Association (undergraduate student) 
  14. Grant Saepharn, International Learning Coordinator, Western International 
  15. Cheryl Senay, Chief Steward, CUPE Local 2692 
  16. Mohammad Sharifi, Racial Equity & Inclusivity Commissioner, Society of Graduate Students (PhD Candidate, English & Writing Studies) 
  17. Raine Williams, President, Caribbean Students’ Organization