Hosts & Challenges

Below are the 2023-2024 host sites and challenges for Western B.L.U.E.


LIFE*SPIN serves more than 5000 individuals in London every year.  We would like to serve them better and serve more people who need our helps.  We spend hours using excel sheets to track separate program streams, but we really just need a good database/intake to manage serious amounts of administration.  For example, when we help 1000 families do their income taxes, we need to identify those with children, in order to provide them back-to-school and Christmas resources, we need to identify soon-to-be moms, to provide them nutrition support, we need to identify seniors so we can provide them wellness check-ins and resources.  We will be forever grateful to the youth that accepts this challenge to help us serve more low-income families in our community.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Wednesday between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm

Recommended Skills:

 - Computer science programming and/or engineering
 - Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Access
 - Experience with Jot Form application
 - Experience with Square Space website

Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion - Western University

1.  Event Planning for Fall & Winter events (Fall Pride, Guest Speakers, International Women's Day, Black History Month, etc.)
2.  Help coordinate virtual hub of resources for Black Students
3.  Give input on learning modules for 2SLGBTQ+ and Prevention of Academic Ableism.
4. Support the creation of Accessibility Guide

Preffered Hours: We are flexible between the hours of 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.  Some evening events may occur if the student is available but this would not be the normal hours.

Recommended Skills:

 - Strong technical abilities, working with Canva, social media, graphics, etc.
 - Creative and innovative mindset with the ability to research different EDI related workshops and Guest Speakers.
 - Strong organizational and time management skills.

Black @ Western Project| Robbins Ollivier Committee at Western

The goal is to hire a senior undergraduate/ graduate Black student from Western or one of the affiliate colleges to work with the Robbins Olivier Committee, Office of Equity and Diversity team liaison and the EDI Communications specialist communications specialist to design and build a digital hub that will:
▪ serve as a community connection/ digital hub for Black students, staff, and faculty at Western
▪ feature news stories and activities relevant to the Black population at Western

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm.; TBD in consultation with the project leads.

Recommended Skills:

Recommended Skills:
▪ You have an interest in digital learning, media, and/or communications.
▪ You have a demonstrated track record of working with a team and completing tasks independently.
▪ You possess good written communication skills, accompanied by strong qualitative research capabilities, attention to detail and excellent time management skills.
*Student will undertake Cascade training offered through Western Technology Services.

Black in Southwestern Ontario Project (SWO)| Western Research Team

The Black in Southwestern Ontario research group is seeking a Digital Intern for the SSHRC funded community partnership project.  
The goal is to hire a senior undergraduate/ graduate Black student from Western or one of the affiliate colleges, to work with the SSHRC PDG research team to design and build a project website that will:
§ feature news stories and activities relevant to the SSHRC funded university-community partnership project.
§ showcase the work of our community partners.
§ house research outputs and deliverables associated with the project.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm. (5-10 hours a week)

Recommended Skills:

§ You have an interest in digital learning, media, and/or communications.
§ You have a demonstrated track record of working with a team and completing tasks independently.
§ You possess good written communication skills, accompanied by strong qualitative research capabilities, attention to detail and excellent time management skills.
§ Cascade training will be required.

Students should also be prepared to present their progress to their mentor during their weekly check-ins.

Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion - Digital Learning - Western University

The Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion is committed to offering learning opportunities for Western members to learn about EDI-D. E-learning modules are part of our learning suite, and the unit is constantly developing modules accompanied by workshops. Because our goal is to create three more modules by January 2024, the Western B.L.U.E. student will help in creating one of them. You will also engage in website development to promote the modules and EDI initiatives.

Research and development of learning modules, website resources, guides, newsletters & informational posters

Preferred Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Recommended Skills:

1. Flexible and innovative learning design and development for multiple modes of delivery and educational setting.
2. Excellent writing skills to reach different audiences following APA norms.
Research EDID-D-related topics.
3. Working as part of a cross-disciplinary team.
4. Learning new technologies and how to apply these in training/program delivery.
5. Critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving.
6. Computer proficiency in MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) at an advanced level.
7. Managing self-direction and working independently.
8. Sustaining high attention to detail.
9. Understanding UI, cross-browser compatibility, and general web functionality and standards
10. Utilizing web applications and programming languages
11. Meeting with management to discuss the design plan and needs of the website
12. Writing code for the website
13. Collaborating with team members to determine the website’s layout, content, and design

Hamoody Hassan, Hassan Law & Hassan Law Community Gallery Pop Up

Hassan Law a boutique law firm in the heart of London is pursuing transformative technological and adaptive change in our work environment with new practice business and accounting practice tools. We seek leadership to enhance and raise insights into the advancement of the EDID experiences and perspectives we offer as a small group of professionals from diverse cultural, racial, and faith backgrounds.

Preferred Hours: Hassan Law is entirely flexible with scheduling including early morning to evening as the student would be expected to work independently with time for training part of the experiential training plan

Recommended Skills:

 - Organizational, human resource, time, information & financial management
 - Knowledge: problem evaluation, solution analysis, scheduling, & implementation.
 - Basic mathematics, excel & spreadsheets, reading comprehension, second language, alternate cultural    perspective, basic knowledge of law, technology or business.

Ivey Business School

Ivey’s HBA Recruitment Team is increasing its efforts to recruit students to the Honours Business Administration (HBA) program directly from university. Our challenge involves supporting our HBA recruitment efforts by taking ownership and responsibility for 1-3 targeted groups that are underrepresented in the HBA class. This could include varsity athletes, BIPOC students, women, students with disabilities, students from particular faculties (Music, Arts & Humanities, etc.), affiliate students (Huron, Brescia, King’s) or any other groups that align with the students' interests. The student would be responsible for planning and implementing ways to engage with students from these targeted groups which could include email communications, presentations, events, or other forms of outreach.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 3:30pm.

Recommended Skills:

- Research skills and ability to analyze gaps and opportunities in HBA applicant demographics
- Critical thinking and analytical skills to identify prospective student concerns and barriers/obstacles
- Strong communication and relationship building skills to engage with university students and various departments around Ivey and Western
- Project management skills and ability to think creatively to recommend engagement strategies that are specific to targeted populations
- Demonstrated intercultural competency and knowledge of cross-cultural work practices
- Knowledge of or interest in the HBA program would be considered an asset
- Public speaking skills and ability to adapt presentations depending on the audience
- Self-motivated multi-tasker with strong organizational skills

Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing

As a small non-profit, we would benefit from support in micro-marketing campaigns and lean process improvements. The challenge? Designing and executing micro-marketing campaigns for specific projects or reports we release. Between micro-campaigns, the challenge would extend to applying of lean principles to streamline internal processes within the small team. This project would involve conducting process assessments, identifying inefficiencies, and recommending and implementing improvements. The student would enhance their research, internal office management, and leadership skills, contributing to the team's overall efficiency.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday, between 10am and 3pm.

Recommended Skills:

Students who are adaptable, enjoy problem-solving, are creative, and who are interested in social media/digital marketing management would do well in this role. The role requires planning and organizational skills, strong written skills and a desire to collaborate.


To work within our Continuous Improvement and Problem solving framework to achieve the following:
1) Collaborate with others
2) Identify Capability Gaps in our Workforce
3) Identify and Eliminate Waste Streams

Preferred Hours: Monday-Friday between 10am and 3:00pm

Recommended Skills:

Problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills.  The ability to use Microsoft Office, Power Point and Excel.

Western University, Western Research Institutes

The challenges facing today's society are complex and multi-faceted, and do not fall neatly within disciplinary boundaries. Western Research Institutes were founded to empower interdisciplinary teams of researchers to tackle "deep and wicked problems", and they have become global leaders in interdisciplinary research and training. Our challenge is a lack of visual materials - both photos and video - to celebrate our members, showcase their ground-breaking work and research impact, and raise the profile of Western Research Institutes.

Preferred Hours: Mostly normal working hours (Mon-Fri; 9am-4pm); some projects/events might fall outside of these hours and will require early/late attendance or working on weekends.

Recommended Skills:

- Experience/comfort with operating a photo/video (DSLR) camera, taking photos
- good interpersonal skills; knows how to make students and researchers feel comfortable in front of a camera
- Ability to work independently, but also collaboratively and within the confines of a
shared (team) goal
- Organized and able to meet deadlines and keep track of multiple projects and
priorities simultaneously (with support from your supervisor)
- Tenacity/Conscientiousness; won't stop until the task is complete, understands the importance and value of each activity, regardless of the perceived level of
- Flexibility; able to move from one task or project to another, able to adapt to
changes as they come and know when to change tactics (with guidance)
- Attention to detail

Western Research, Knowledge Exchange EDID

As a part of our dynamic team, the selected student will embark on a project focused on enhancing user experience and efficiency with our cutting-edge research dashboard built in Power BI. The primary responsibility will involve documenting the dashboard's functionalities, features, and best practices, enabling users to harness its full potential. The student will take the lead in developing comprehensive orientation materials, including user guides, video tutorials, and interactive demos, ensuring seamless onboarding for new users and empowering existing ones to leverage advanced capabilities.

The student will actively engage with end-users, collecting feedback, and analyzing usage patterns to identify areas of improvement, subsequently collaborating with the development team to implement iterative updates. By contributing to this project, the student will play a pivotal role in facilitating data-driven decision-making processes and promoting data literacy within our organization. This opportunity offers a unique blend of technical expertise and creativity, providing a platform to hone communication skills while working with the latest data visualization tools.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm

Recommended Skills:

We are seeking a student with a natural comfort working with computer software and a rapid ability to grasp new programs. Proficient communication skills, both written and verbal, are essential. Moreover, qualities like empathy, patience, and active listening will greatly assist in collaborating with users to document their requirements. Previous experience is not obligatory; however, an enthusiastic approach to adaptation and learning, alongside a genuine commitment to personal and professional advancement, will be vital for excelling in this role.

Western Research, Research Integrity

Western Research provides strategic and administrative support that helps foster a culture of research excellence at Western. This specific project would help further the University’s commitment to Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and promote policies and training that allow researchers to act honestly, accountably, openly, and fairly in the search for and dissemination of knowledge. This opportunity would involve assisting in the design and delivery of new RCR education and training programs that will help raise awareness regarding research integrity and facilitate compliance amongst Western faculty, staff, and students. Specifically, the student would help identify educational needs surrounding responsible conduct of research at Western by researching and reviewing offerings and best practices across other institutions. The student will also assist in applying this knowledge to the design and delivery of Western-specific training programs that are appropriate for Western faculty, staff, and students. This would offer an exciting opportunity for a student who is enthusiastic about education and research and interested in being involved with a new initiative that will be collaboratively built and developed from the ground up.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm

Recommended Skills:

 - Enthusiastic about education and research 
 - Collaborative
 - Research skills including the ability to find information, evaluate that information for relevance, and summarize that information in reports and presentations
 - Written communication skills including the ability to summarize information and deliver that information professionally and succinctly 
 - Oral communication skills including being comfortable speaking with stakeholders and delivering presentations to diverse audiences
 - Computer skills (i.e Microsoft 365)
 - Organized with excellent time management and ability to meet deadlines  

The Africa Institute

1. Collate and curate pertinent data and information, in preparation for a fall strategic planning retreat of the Africa Institute.
2. Record and transcribe proceedings of the strategic planning retreat, and work with the Institute's Management and Advisory Board, to finalize the strategic plan.
3. Work with the Management of the Institute to incorporate elements of the strategic plan into the Institute's Center renewal process.
4. Assist with maintenance of the Institute's website and social media channels.

Preferred Hours: I expect that the student will work within their academic schedules, therefore we will need to constantly review what works best for the student, but generally:
On-site: 9 hours. Monday - Friday between 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Remote: 6 hours.  Monday - Friday between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Recommended Skills:

1. Microsoft Office suite.
2. Content Analysis.
3. Transcribing and accurate Note Taking.
4. Presentation Skills.
5. Collaborative Mindset.

Labatt Breweries of Canada

With engagement and recognition remaining top People priorities to attracting and retaining talent in 2023, creating a toolkit on ways to activate engagement, especially for the team member population, will facilitate local execution for our PBPs. ​Sitting out of the London Brewery, the student will use external benchmarking and internal interviews/focus groups to collect data and create a playbook for site activations.

Preferred Hours: We can be very flexible between Mon-Fri. Typically our office hours are 7am - 5pm.

Recommended Skills:

 - Communication skills
 - Fostering and building relationships
 - Ability to take initiative
 - Project management
 - Analytics

Nestle - Fixed asset management

Fixed asset management is the process of tracking and maintaining an organization's physical assets and equipment. The aim of this project is to  conduct a comprehensive inventory of all the fixed assets to ensure that they have an accurate record and confirm their location. This could involve physically inspecting each asset, engaging the team (production or maintenance) and updating their records accordingly. The project will review the fixed asset disposal policy, asset transfer policy and inventory policy.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm.

Recommended Skills:

Leadership skills required, attention to detail, strong organization skills, analytical thinking, effective communication, flexibility and adaptability.

Western Research Scholars Academy, Western Research

The Western Research Scholars Academy is a new mentorship network for Western researchers co-designed with researchers to provide support through connection and mentorship with international academic leaders, professional development and research resources. The Academy prioritizes participation of equity-deserving researchers who are under-represented among mentorship opportunities and experience numerous challenges in achieving research success. We hope to work alongside an enthusiastic student to comprehensively assess the effectiveness and impact of the Academy through a mixed-methods evaluation. The student will work with mentors and the Academy team to learn about the program, develop the evaluation methods which will include both quantitative and qualitative approaches.  Quantitative data will be collected through post-program surveys  and reviews of program documents to gauge program participant experiences, engagement levels and feedback. Qualitative approaches will include interviews and/or focus groups with program participants and stakeholders to gain in-depth insights into their experiences, perceptions, and suggestions for program improvement. The student will work with the mentors to develop and conduct the evaluation, analyze results and prepare materials to share key findings and recommendations with institutional stakeholders.  The student will be offered the opportunity to present key findings alongside the mentors. This mixed-methods evaluation will offer a comprehensive understanding of the program's effectiveness, inform evidence-based decision-making, and facilitate its continuous improvement to sustain and grow a mentorship network for equity-deserving and early-career researchers.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 4:00pm. We are happy to work with the student to find a schedule that works best for them.

Recommended Skills:

The mentors are prepared to work with the student to gain the necessary skills to be successful in this project. We recognize this is a learning opportunity, a networking opportunity and an opportunity to grow. What the student will need is enthusiasm and an interest in research. Understanding research methods including qualitative and quantitative approaches will be a benefit. Familiarity with survey design, data collection techniques, conducting interviews, focus groups, and data analysis are all benefits, but the mentors are prepared to help the student learn these as part of this experience.

Additional skills that we seek and will benefit the student include strong written and verbal communication skills, the ability to work on a team and have fun on a team, strong organizational and time management skills.  Students should be able to present complex information in a clear, concise, and engaging manner (also a part of the learning experience of this project). - Quality Assurance

Working on 3 repeating consumer complaints on Nestle ice cream products. By getting involved in solving these 3 problems, the Western student would learn problem solving tool, effective communications with Production, Maintenance, Suppliers, Corporate QA, etc., and consumer preference.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm

Recommended Skills:

Internal & external collaboration, problem solving, effective communication, consumer preference, and more.

London Community Foundation

London Community Foundation is dedicated to improving communities across London and Middlesex County through collaboration, strategic leadership, and innovative solutions to charitable giving. Through our Vital Signs platform, we gather, analyze and publish data and stories that help people living in London and Middlesex County see the progress, and continuing challenges, in seven vital areas: environment, housing, racial equality, gender equality, well-being, food security and education.
We believe that a Western B.L.U.E. participant would be a fantastic addition to our communications team, and our Vital Signs Task Force, as we work together to prepare and launch the latest data in early 2024. In particular, the Western B.L.U.E. participant would create and lead a community outreach strategy with a focus on increasing the active engagement of our target audiences as well as broadening their diversity. Vital Signs is a free, easy-to-use data hub that can be a helpful tool for a wide range of community-based organizations, businesses, educational institutions and others who are working to improve communities in London and Middlesex County.

Preferred Hours: We are flexible but we recommend 9-5 on days the student is working in our office.

Recommended Skills:

How to use Stats. Canada statistic to show the challenges faced by our community. Through hands-on experience, supported by experienced communicators, they'll have an opportunity to improve their skills in writing, project management, time management, collaboration of ideas; crafting and/or selecting accompanying visuals

London Community Chaplaincy

At the Chaplaincy sites, we are working hard to raise the level of commitment to post secondary education. We believe in the potential of our children and youth! The children and youth that we work with struggle seeing themselves attending college or university. For many families, the parents do not have trade, college or university training, and some do not have a high school diploma. As an agency we want to inspire the children and youth to work hard to achieve their professional dreams. Our BLUE student will do the groundwork to bring our “Future Dreams” program to life. The project will include: Creating inspirational digital content to motivate featuring residents who are successful at post secondary level, promotion of the Canada Learning Bond and RESP savings, compiling access to local touring resources, as well as launching early literacy onsite tutoring, exam Day prep and onsite support for high school students, college and university tours for grades 9-10 students, creating community celebrations focused on student achievement. As time allows, the student may help the Executive Director create promotional material and develop the Personal best Scholarship program initiative.

Preferred Hours: preferably, 2-7 pm time frame to maximize time with children/youth. One day per week could be with adults, 9:30-2 pm time frame

Recommended Skills:

initiative, resourcefulness, relationship building, psychology, child and youth development, social determinants of health, trauma informed care. awareness of poverty needs in London

Western University – School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS)

The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is home to 160 Master’s and Doctoral programs in 11 different Faculties. One of our goals is to help our graduate programs recruit the best and brightest students. We do this by creating videos of current students speaking about their program, outlining what they are getting out of the program, and why new students would want to apply, among other topics.  This project will involve working with each graduate program to identify a student spokesperson, booking a time to capture photos and video, and sharing the material once produced.  In addition to the primary focus on creating content, the successful applicant will gain exposure to the other teams within SGPS, and make administrative contributions as needed.

Preferred Hours: Specific days and times from Monday-Friday between 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. can be worked out based on the student’s schedule.

Recommended Skills:

Applicants should have some familiarity with graduate school, and preferably the culture at Western.  Technical skills and knowledge about video equipment, lighting, and photography will also be helpful, but not necessary. Oral and written communication skills, teamwork skills, project management, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and an overall willingness to learn also assets.

Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada

SWAAC is dedicated to empowering and supporting women leaders in academia. At SWAAC, we also have the equity framework which is focused on leadership. It unites universities, colleges, and poly-technical institutions in Canada. We would like the student to gain such exposure which will help them in their leadership development.

The student will be responsible for creating databases by thorough research and work on implementing strategies for outreach. The student will also lead the communications related activities with special focus on stakeholder engagement, marketing, and internal and external partners of the organization.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm

Recommended Skills:

- Knowledge in data collection and analysis
- Qualitative and quantitative research skills
- Strong attention to detail
- Strong communication skills – verbal and written
- Strategies for effective outreach
- Knowledge of social media and digital communications
- Ability to interact professionally with the members of the SWAAC community

Nestle - Human Resources

Collaborate with various factory departments to improve training standards and design, as well as create Training Milestones. This will be done by reviewing standards (SOP’s), performing time studies, and assessing training effectiveness in all factory positions.

Assist in development and digitizing the Training Milestones throughout the factory through an app to improve training tracking, effectiveness, and administrative roles. This will also assist the factory in its journey to continue being a Digital Factory.

Support the implementation of the new Digital Milestones training app. Factory floor visits, 1-on-1 coaching, and classroom training sessions may be required. Training material, One Point Lesson’s (OPL’s), and the development of other training tools may also be required.

Follow-up on the effectiveness of the new Milestones app by assessing training duration versus the standard, ease-of-use for trainers and trainees, and document recording for audit purposes.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm

Recommended Skills:

Problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills.  The ability to use Microsoft Office applications such as word, excel, and power point

Western Research

The goal of this project is to inform and advance Western’s strategy around research impact. Institutions and researchers are increasingly asked to speak to the value and impact of their research. One way to do this is through metrics such as the number of citations an article receives or the amount and type of media attention the research garners. A continual challenge Western has faced is the inability to comprehensively identify where researchers across different faculties are publishing. Knowing top journal sources, book publishers, artistic sources, legal venues etc. will allow Western to strategically prioritize access and support for these research pipelines that are important to Western scholars allowing for the tracking of metrics that speak to uptake and impact. Working alongside the student, the mentors will guide the student in developing methods to engage researchers across faculties to determine publication venues. This may include developing a survey distributed to all faculties including researchers and research staff as well as senior leaders within the research ecosystem. The student would lead development and implementation of the survey including communication. Analysis of results and creation of strategic recommendations would also be led by the student with full support from the mentors. Furthermore, by collecting information on attributes-- such as publication venues, and if articles have an open access status, do they use preprint and post-print hosting venues-- we will be able to provide tailored suggestions to scholars on how to increase the impact of their research outputs.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:30pm 

Recommended Skills:

We are seeking a student with a strong work ethic, a passion for research and an interest in learning. The student will have the opportunity to enhance their communication skills, research skills, and computer skills through the project, but any familiarity with these skills is a benefit.

Forward House

Forward House is an organization that offers a variety of supports and services for individuals with developmental disabilities in London and area. We are looking for assistance to create and manage our social media platforms.  As a Social Media Coordinator, you will be responsible for creating, scheduling, and publishing content on our social media channels that is reflective of our agency’s mission, vision and values, and the people we provide supports to.
 - Develop and implement a social media strategy to increase engagement and reach.
 - Create, schedule and publish social media content (including graphics, videos, and text) on all our social media platforms.
 - Monitor and respond to comments and messages on our social media channels.
 - Stay up to date with the latest social media trends and best practices.

Preferred Hours: The days and hours can be flexible for the student. Our main office is open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Recommended Skills:

 - Experience with social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
 - Social media content-creating experience.
 - Creativity and ability to generate new ideas for social media content.
 - Strong organizational and time-management skills.
 - Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Corporation of the City of London

Currently our division is finalizing the City’s Anti Black Racism Action Plan. The next action item is developing an implementation strategy. The successful student will help with developing and drafting the strategy.

Preferred Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and or Fridays between 8:30am to 4:30pm

Recommended Skills:

Research, data analysis, strategy development, project management, community engagement, networking skills, leadership skills, communication skills

CREATE CORRECT program, The University of Western Ontario

The CREATE CORRECT program in Western Chemistry is looking to recruit a B.L.U.E. program awardee to i) take the lead on a small research project focused on undergraduates about barriers to corrosion science (chemistry) as a viable graduate study consideration; ii) coordinate local outreach events targeting children and youth, K-12, to promote corrosion interest and awareness; and iii) help coordinate CORRECT social media, including Twitter and LinkedIn.

The successful candidate will lead the undergraduate Corrosion Barriers research project to understand barriers to a student’s willingness to pursue corrosion science at the graduate level and corrosion as a future career, with particular attention to the barriers facing underrepresented students, including people of colour, people with disabilities, Indigenous people and women, and identifying resources and initiatives that would counter these barriers.

CREATE CORRECT conducts corrosion outreach at local children’s museums, elementary and secondary schools. The successful candidate will help coordinate this established outreach program, including acting as an ambassador and performing safe and engaging demonstrations for the students.
The successful candidate will also assist with CREATE CORRECT program dissemination through social media, highlighting the program's events, opportunities, and accomplishments.

Preferred Hours: Some flexibility might be required for a few outreach events, otherwise, 15 hours within Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm is sufficient and optimal.

Recommended Skills:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, project management skills, curiosity and a desire to learn, organization skills, experience engaging and working with children, and critical thinking skills.
Bonus skills are: Qualitative and quantitative research experience and graphic design experience.

Western University - Undergraduate Recruitment

Your challenge is to create recruitment emails for diverse groups of future students.

In the undergraduate recruitment team at Western, we aim to help future students find the right university for them. We use emails to reach large audiences. A goal in our team is to provide more targeted and personalized emails to segments of our audience. These segments might include countries/regions or equity-deserving groups depending on your interests.

Your challenge will include:
- Researching targeted audiences and identifying information relevant and useful for them
- Developing an email communications plan for the targeted audience(s)
- Implementing the communications plan by writing email content, creating visuals (photography, graphic design or video) and building the emails using our CRM (customer relationship management) platform.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm

Recommended Skills:

 - Communication skills
 - Creativity
 - Ability to empathize with future students
 - Interest in marketing
 - Research skills
 - Ability to analyze past communications to inform choices
 - Technological proficiency

Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre

Students will be involved in creating a database of community-based programs and services. This database will involve investigating the available social services in London, and the Pond Mills/Glen Cairn area of the city. The database will be used as a service navigation for the community and specifically for our advocacy appointments. Students will be immersed in our community resources. Students may also have the opportunity to create community programs and activities for children, youth, adults, or seniors!

Preferred Hours: Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm. Fridays we are closed to the public but continue with planned programs 9am to 4pm.

Recommended Skills:

Familiarity with London and the area would be a good resource to have. As well, as having a general understanding of what is involved in working within a complex community. In general skills of patience, compassion, respect, and enthusiasm are excellent. Basic knowledge of Excel would also be beneficial.

CAN SPINE Western University

Low back pain (LBP) is the leading health condition requiring effective treatment, but a “one size fits all” approach does not work. A promising solution is matching treatments to groups of patients based on the underlying cause of their LBP. However, we do not know the groups of patients. This project will identify the groups, using information that reflects the multidimensions of LBP. Patients with chronic LBP at Victoria Hospital will be invited to participate. Information collected will include patient questionnaires and physical measures, such as muscle strength. Treatments will be delivered as indicated and monitored. Analysis of the information will identify groups of patients based on the underlying cause of LBP. Treatments received will be evaluated to understand the clinical importance of the identified groups of patients. Results will allow matching of a specific treatment to each patient, ensuring patients receive the best possible treatment.

Preferred Hours: Very flexible hours avilable during weekdays - broadly between 08.00 and 19.00 hours.

Recommended Skills:

 - Awareness / interest in musculoskeletal problems affecting the low back.
 - Awareness in patient reported data and physical data.
 - Data management large datasets.
 - Data analysis large datasets.
 - Patient engagement to inform research projects.

United Way Elgin Middlesex

United Way is in the midst of a three-year strategic plan, of which equity is identified as a strategic priority. To advance this work UW staff have developed a diversity, equity, inclusion, and Indigenous collaboration roadmap with specific deliverables including development of a "reflection space" in our office. This space could be use for quiet mental health breaks, reflection and meditation, prayer, and cultural practices like smudging. The student would be leading the project from conception to completion including researching best practices, designing the space and overseeing capital improvements such as painting etc., and developing a booking system. The student would also assist with smaller tasks and strategies in the DEI + IC roadmap.

Preferred Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 4 pm

Recommended Skills:

Project management, communications, knowledge of diversity, equity & inclusion best practices that build upon their lived experience.

London Comprehensive Epilepsy Programme, CNS Department, LHSC

The London Comprehensive Epilepsy Programme is the largest program of this kind in Canada with an 11-bed in-patient monitoring and a large team of world renowned epilepsy professionals. The student will assist the epileptologist, senior Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) Nurse and senior EEG technologist with the conversion of traditional didactic presentations and other relevant learning materials into engaging interactive online modules.  The target audience for the modules is an interdisciplinary team of Epilepsy/EEG fellows, novice EMU nurses, and EEG technologists in training.  Under the epileptologist's supervision, the student is expected to generate novel and exciting approaches to the organisation and visual translation of high yield, evidence based epilepsy/EEG related information so that it is highly appealing to learners.  As the project progresses, we will encourage the student to bring forward other teaching perspectives, strategies and tools that reflect the diverse learning needs of the multidisclipinary group. 

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm.

Recommended Skills:

1. Strong leadership, organisational, communication, interpersonal, critical thinking and time management skills
2. Proficiency in use of Microsoft 365
3. Advanced typing skills
4. Knowledge of software for the creation of online training modules is preferred but is not mandatory

Canada Life Assurance Company

Canada life is moving from one project portfolio management system in January 2024. Would you like to:
 - Figure out what to do with the historical data that won’t be transitioned to the new system?
 - Be in charge of creating new process documentation? and Identifying opportunities for more efficiency?
 - Present your progress and findings across functions, while potentially networking with leadership of different levels?

Recommended Skills:

 - Project management skills
 - Presentation skills
 - Stakeholder management
 - Data collection, management, and analysis
 - High proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite

Western University, Faculty of Engineering

Western Engineering's Research Office (within the Dean’s Office) contributes to the identification, development and realization of the strategic research priorities of the Faculty, including providing guidance and support to faculty members in terms of research (for example, grant application preparation/review and establishing connections with industry). This student project would assist in achieving this goal by helping to facilitate new research collaborations between our faculty members and potential industry partners. The student would lead the organization and execution of industry partnership events and sessions to help match interested faculty members with appropriate industry partners in order to establish new research collaborations on topics of mutual interest between the researcher (faculty member) and industry partner. Each session would be focused on a specific research theme, industry sector, and could occur every few months.
The student would a) organize logistics of the events, b) manage the outreach communications to the relevant audiences (industry partners and researchers), c) create and facilitate post-event surveys to learn and make improvements for future sessions, and d) help the Engineering Research Office to identify potential industry partners for session participation.
The student would work within a team consisting of the Manager, Research Programs; Associate Dean, Research; Administrative Assistant, Research and Graduate Office; and two Research Officers and therefore would have various people to learn from and a team of resources to help make the sessions successful.
In addition, the student will be exposed to Research Awards and will help develop a strategy to ensure increased success of Western Engineering with internal and external research awards (for example, Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Academy of Engineering, and Ontario Professional Engineers).

Preferred Hours: There would be flexibility on when the student would like to put in their hours. On-site hours should take place during the normal Monday-Friday workday since that is when the mentor would be available; however whatever works best for the student can be worked out with the mentor. The student should attend the industry partner sessions, but those would be scheduled during normal working hours.

Recommended Skills:

Microsoft Office, proficiency with computer programs, ability and willingness to learn new programs/software. Solid written and interpersonal communication skills. Strong time management skills. Willingness to seek out industry contacts and identify new potential partners. Previous event planning experience could be beneficial, but not required.

Western University - History Department

Welcome! This fun History project (The Nature of Memory) is ideal for you if you want to learn, or deepen your knowledge of, African forms of greeting in at least one Southern Africa language (chiShona, isiNdebele, isiXhosa, isiZulu). This archival and oral history project is an outward facing project aimed at documenting and preserving Southern African forms of greeting among recent African immigrants in Canada, the United States, and Western Europe. Some of the main tasks will include developing an interactive website that will be continually updated and accessible to anyone in the world, especially the storytellers’ places of origin. It will also involve interacting with scholars, community members, and all those interested in a dynamic African history and memory as experienced in the diaspora and on the continent.

Preferred Hours: If successful, I will work with the student to see what their schedule is like, and develop a schedule where they will come to work on campus to work on the project.

Recommended Skills:

Among the many transferable skills this project affords a student will be a) mentorship, personal growth, and leadership development; b) academic research development and output; c) community outreach and engagement; d) collaborative project dissemination; e) lifelong networks and friendships.

Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory

This position would involve 2 challenges:
1. Develop a business model for the Cronyn Observatory
2. Create persistent opportunities for Black Communities to visit the Observatory.

Preferred Hours: I can be quite flexible, and I do travel regularly. There is typically no need to be one site for the entire day; work can be done from home as well. Participation in staff meetings would be desirable, and sometimes those are 5pm-6pm because of staff time constraints.

Recommended Skills:

Skills and knowledge in business, management and finances would definitely be an asset, as well as a desire to reach out to the community, and in particular to bring in the Black Communities to the astronomy hub that Cronyn represents.

Boys & Girls Club of London

BGC London is a community organization that provides activities for children and youth whenever school is out and during the day for older adults 55 and over. 
We are looking for a student to support our programs by aiding us in improving our IT systems; we would like to evaluate our IT systems and complete recommendations to enhance security and processes.

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday anytime between 9 and 5

Recommended Skills:

 - Evaluating and installing computer software, hardware, and operating system software
 - Troubleshooting the computer system and network issues of others
 - Performing server and information backups and recovery operations
 - Designing, installing, and upgrading data security systems
 - Operating firewalls, file servers, and other computer systems
 - Monitoring systems for security breaches and risks

Sports & Recreation, Western University

Mustangs Social and Digital Media Coordination

 - Brainstorm ideas for Mustangs social media channels

 - Update content calendar and work with areas to develop digital content ideas 

 - Create digital content - photos, graphics, video, stories, content plans

 - Draft and edit specific content in collaboration with areas, teams, and other staff members

 - Post content directly to social media and the web

Recommended Skills:

Knowledge of social and digital media; experience with Canva, Indesign or Photoshop; experience working in communications; ability to work independently but also as part of a team. Training is provided where required.

London Health Sciences Centre

(Please note: This opportunity is specific to nursing students participating in the B.L.U.E program). Pressure injury prevention is a routine part of nursing care, and experts agree that pressure injuries are largely preventable; however, these injuries are persisting at concerning levels across most health care systems, including in Ontario. Organizations are consistently struggling to achieve sustained reductions in pressure injury rates, with direct implications for patient safety, patient experience, and overall quality of care. Importantly, there is a growing recognition of the need to apply an EDI lens to pressure injury prevention in light of research demonstrating that these injuries often reach a more advanced stage before being detected among people with darker skin tones compared to those with lighter skin tones. At LHSC, the Quality Committee of the Board of Directors has identified pressure injuries as a high-priority focus for the coming year, and the Nursing Professional Practice Department will be collaborating with other hospital teams (e.g., Patient Safety, Quality & Performance) to develop and launch an array of activities pertaining to pressure injury prevention and monitoring (e.g., education and awareness initiatives, quality improvement projects, enhanced measurement through prevalence surveys, etc.) – these efforts will include, but will not be limited to, improved consideration of skin tone diversity. There is a wide range of challenging projects that a B.L.U.E. student could tackle under the umbrella of this upcoming pressure injury prevention work, and, as a general principle, Nursing Professional Practice strongly believes in the importance of co-creating opportunities with the individuals involved. As such, we would work closely with the B.L.U.E. student to collaboratively define a “Pressure Injury Prevention Leadership Learning Project” that aligns with organizational/departmental priorities, represents an appropriate challenge for the student, and is tailored to their specific interests (e.g., staff education, patient engagement, survey methods/data collection, etc.).

Preferred Hours: Monday to Friday, anytime between 8:00am and 4:00pm

Recommended Skills:

 - Good communication and interpersonal skills
 - Comfort engaging and collaborating with a wide range of diverse individuals and teams at different levels of the organization - skills/interest in developing and delivering presentations and/or educational materials 
 - Basic understanding of Quality Improvement principles/approaches - basic skills accessing/interpreting scholarly articles and/or best practice guidelines
 - General awareness of aspects of nursing care relevant to pressure injuries (e.g., the integumentary system, head-to-toe assessments)