Consulting our Office 

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion offers various consultations on topics for faculty, staff, and student groups on best practices for EDI.

EDI Trainings 

We provide the fundamental trainings to understanding the basic concepts of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to faculty and staff. Additionally, we are happy to make recommendations to potential guest speakers to host workshops as well as opportunities to partner in EDI trainings around the Western campus community.  

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We provide accessibility training and consultations for all groups. Topics for consultation include compliance with AODA standards, best practices for accessibility and providing resources available for employee wellbeing and accessible education. 

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Educational Material Development  

Our office will be happy to connect you with community partners in and around Western to assist with any revisions or development to education material for your faculty or group.  

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Resources on Campus for Consultations 

Safety and Wellbeing 

The University strives to applicable federal, provincial, and municipal legislation with respect to health and safety. Supports for Health and Safety, Mental Health and required trainings can be found on the Human Resources Safety Website.