EDID Champion


Enrolment Now Open to be an EDID Champion

The work to achieve equity and inclusion requires unity among those who believe in the shared vision of a society where we are all valued and celebrated. This unity provides the necessary strength to be compassionate and keep working together and individually toward social justice. The Office of EDI at Western is launching the EDID Champion Initiative to bring the community closer and strengthen our relationships with EDID advocates and equity-deserving group members.

What is an EDID Champion?

EDID Champions are allies who play a crucial role in shaping the organization's culture and ensuring that it is a place where all students and employees feel valued, respected, and included. By championing equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization, EDID Champions will contribute to more welcoming and inclusive spaces.

Who is an EDID Champion?

EDID Champions are allies at Western University (students, staff and faculty) who advocate for creating inclusive spaces and places. They are keen on sharing with peers the exciting news about learning opportunities, events, and additional initiatives the Office of EDI and EDID leaders at Western offer.

Becoming an EDID Champion does not require you to be an expert in EDID itself. Instead, your enthusiasm and commitment to actively championing the goals and principles of EDID are what truly matter. As an EDID Champion, your primary role is to be an advocate and catalyst for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Your passion, dedication, and efforts to advance the cause can significantly impact the promotion of a more diverse and inclusive environment.

What are the benefits of being an EDID Champion?

EDID Champion Badge.png


Being an EDID Champion allows community members to network, share their expertise, experiences, and challenges, and promote their units' work to advance our EDID goals. EDID Champions at Western will also be awarded a digital badge that can be shared in their profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. 



Some of the skills EDID Champions will develop are:

· Advocacy: Promote the importance of EDID principles and commitments to encourage its application in units and faculties.

· Education: Help educate others about the benefits and best practices of EDID. Sharing resources and facilitating discussions can be valuable in spreading awareness.

· Networking: Connect with individuals and groups who are passionate about EDID, fostering collaboration and partnerships that can advance the cause.

· Community Building: Create a supportive and inclusive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for EDID, making it easier for others to get involved.

· Lead by Example: Demonstrate your commitment to EDID principles through your own actions and behaviours, serving as a role model for others.

· Advocacy for Change: Encourage departments to embed EDID principles in their practices and policies, advocating for positive changes that promote diversity and inclusion.

· Continuous Learning: Stay informed about developments and best practices in EDID so that you can provide accurate information and guidance.

How to become an EDID Champion?

Community members interested in becoming an EDID Champion must:

a. Complete the Anti-Racism Foundations Certificate Program offered by the Office of EDI at Western.

b. Participate in the EDID Champion Program quarterly meetings hosted by the Office of EDI. The approximate time commitment for these meetings is 1 hour.