Strategic Planning

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Engagement - Join the Western Community Conversations about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (Spaces Limited)


Overview of Community Conversations (CC)

Refreshments will be provided at each in-person Community Conversation and child minding will be available for those that may need this service.  If you are attending an in-person Community Conversation and require child minding, please advise the EDI office at

You can also enter a draw to win a $50 Western Gift Card at the end of the Community Conversation you attend.

What community conversations can I participate in?
You can participate in as many Community Conversations as you would like. We have created several community conversations for Employees (staff and faculty) and students. We encourage you to participate in at least one. Spaces are limited.

How long are the Community Conversations?
Each community conversation is 2 hours long.  If you have to leave early, we understand.  We are happy to have you join for as long as possible.

What is the format for Community Conversations?
There are two formats for Community Conversations: in-person and virtual. For in-person Community Conversations, we will have discussion tables of 6 - 10 participants, and for virtual Community Conversations, we will have break-out rooms of 6 – 10 participants.  The discussions will be led by a facilitator who will ask questions, listen to your responses and document your input and ideas. You can choose to join mixed tables/ break-out rooms of staff, students and faculty or a focused discussion that will only include staff, students or faculty.

How will the community conversation flow?
1. We will start with an overview of EDI to provide context for the discussions.
2. Facilitators will then lead four 20-minute table discussions with a 10-minute group debrief of highlights from each table.
3. We will end the session with closing remarks and next steps.

Is it a safe environment for us to express our ideas and perspectives?
Our goal is to ensure that the environment is respectful, inclusive and safe for all participants to share their input and reflect on the conversations.  

What are the dates for the Community Conversations? - You must register to attend.

Indigenous Community - March 6, UCC 147, 1-4pm

Black Community - February 16, UCC 147, 12-3pm

Racialized Community - March 1, UCC 147, 9am-12pm

People with Disabilities Community - February 14, 1-3pm, Zoom link will be provided

2SLGBTQIA+ Community - March 7, 1-4pm, Location will be provided

Jewish Students - March 16, UCC 147, 1-4pm

International Students - March 16, UCC 147, 9am - 12pm

The Women Community (Anyone who identifies as a Woman) - February 27, UCC 147, 12-3pm

Students at Large - March 15, UCC 147, 5-8pm  

Staff at Large - April 13, Virtual (Zoom link will be provided), 12-2pm 

Faculty at Large - April 19, Virtual (Zoom link will be provided), 10am-12pm

Muslim Community - March 29, Virtual (Zoom link will be provided), 12-2pm

Engagement - Complete the EDI Strategic Planning Survey


In Towards Western at 150, Western commits to build a more equitable and inclusive community. Together, we can develop a strategic plan that will act as our roadmap for change and for the future.

To ensure we achieve these goals, WE NEED YOUR INPUT! Please provide us with your candid and thoughtful feedback on the following survey questions.

This survey will ask some demographic self-identification questions that will help us to better understand and identify barriers to EDI and opportunities for improvement at Western. We can then implement strategies that will build a more equitable and inclusive Western community. lf you are uncomfortable answering any of the questions, you can skip the question or select the "prefer not to answer" option.

The survey will take approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete. Once you have finished the survey, press submit, and your confidential and anonymous responses will be forwarded to a secure database operated by Qualtrics.

All data will be collected, sorted and analyzed by an independent firm and aggregated summary reports will be used to shape Western's five-year EDI strategic directions.

At the end of the survey, you will be re-directed to another survey to enter a draw for a chance to win one of three $50.00 Gift Cards (Western Eatery, Western Bookstore, VISA Gift Card) or the Grand Prize of an Apple iPad. We will destroy all contact information after the draw is complete. Please note, your contact information is not connected to the answers you provide in the EDI Strategic Plan survey.

 If you have any questions about the survey, please contact or check out our FAQ webpage.



Announcement - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Planning Process

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the planning process to develop Western University’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategic Plan.  As proclaimed in Towards Western at 150, Western embraces the opportunity to build a more equitable and inclusive Western and to being a leader in the creation of a more just society.  Through the EDI strategic planning process, we will answer this call to action.  We will connect, reflect, listen, and collaborate with our Western communities.  Together, we will re-imagine equity, diversity and inclusion and develop an actionable plan to shape the future of Western, a university where everyone belongs, is valued and thrives.

Guiding the strategic planning process will be a diverse, multidisciplinary and collaborative Steering Committee, led by Opiyo Oloya, Associate Vice President of the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.  The committee will steer and champion the planning and engagement processes and committee members will be instrumental in analyzing the data findings and shaping the strategic priorities and goals.

Over the next six months, our strategic planning process will unfold in several phases.

  1. We will conduct an environmental scan and assessment to help us understand external and internal strengths, weaknesses and influences, which act as enablers or barriers to advancing our EDI goals and commitments.
  2. Review relevant internal and external policies, programs, reports, strategies, best practices and documents to inform development of our plan.
  3. Facilitate inclusive, multi-layered engagement processes, which invite all members of Western’s communities to actively participate in conversations and reflections about EDI and to provide feedback on planning outcomes, such as the Strategic Plan draft.
  4. Analyze all data collected from the engagement and scanning processes to identify the critical strategic influences, needs and priorities that must be embedded in the plan.
  5. Prepare the first draft of the EDI Strategic Plan for community feedback.
  6. Launch the final EDI Strategic Plan, ready for it to brought to life by our students, staff, faculty and leaders across Western University.


As we get ready to begin this transformative strategic planning journey, we invite and encourage you to join us and actively contribute to the dialogue and to setting our course for building a more equitable and inclusive Western for all.

Have Questions?

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