EDI Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Steering Committee Members

  • Dr. Opiyo Oloya, Chair of Steering Committee
  • Lesley Oliver, Project Lead

  • Adeyemi Opeyemi (Student Experience – Wellness Education Team)
  • Chris Alleyne (Housing)
  • Christy Bressette (Office of Indigenous Initiatives)
  • Danica Facca (SOGS President)
  • Erica Lawson (Faculty/ED)
  • Erin Huner (Ivey)
  • Ethan Gardner (USC President)
  • Eunjung Riauka (Western International)
  • Jane O’Brien (or Larissa Bartlett) (Human Resources)
  • Kyle Gervais (Faculty/ED)
  • Mariam Hayward (Western Research)
  • Mark Daley (Chief Digital Officer)
  • Melanie Katsivo - Schulich
  • Nancy Stewart (Office Of the President)
  • W.G. Pearson (Faculty/ED)

Steering Committee Guiding Principles

We will:

      • Ensure the strategic planning process is integrated, trust-based and inclusive, actively engaging the campus and broader community.
      • Intentionally and thoughtfully engage with diverse communities, and ensure that the lived experiences, goals and ideas of those communities are embedded in our planning.
      • Provide venues for students, staff and faculty and other communities to listen, learn and share.
      • Be open and transparent through wide-ranging and timely communications and by providing ample ways to provide input.
      • Encourage reflection and mutual learning, supported by internal and external environmental scanning and data from existing reports and data sources.
      • Be bold and aspirational, naming and challenging systemic and cultural barriers to equity, diversity and inclusion, and focusing on transformational change and impact.
      • Align the strategic planning process and outcomes to Western’s strategic plan.