Anti-Racism Foundations Certificate Program

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The Anti-Racism Foundations Certificate Program offers the opportunity to learn about racism and its dimensions, the history of racism in Canada, and different elements perpetuating systemic barriers, such as biases, stereotypes, myths, microaggressions, and macroaggressions.

Examine the current impact of the history of racism in the Canadian context, focusing on Indigenous Peoples, Black People, and People of Colour. Build up skills to become an anti-racist and an ally to equity-deserving group members and implement strategies to transform your privileges and power into tools that can help co-create a more equitable and inclusive environment at Western and within your personal and professional life. 

After completing the certificate program, you will be able to:
  • Recognize the relevance of the history of racism in Canada and its impact on Indigenous Peoples, Black People, and People of Colour.
  • Examine the invisibility of Whiteness, racial microaggressions, and the harmful impact that both can have on racialized individuals.
  • Identify strategies to address implicit bias and prevent microaggressions. 
  • Implement strategies and take actions to begin or continue an anti-racist journey to create a more equitable and inclusive community.
  • For Students: This certificate will be added to your co-curricular record upon completion. 

Earn a digital badge upon completion of the program

Upon successful program completion, you'll be awarded a prestigious digital badge via MyCreds, complete with a unique URL. Display this badge on your online profiles to proudly showcase your achievements and expertise to the world.

Program Details

Program format: Complete four online modules (100% online and asynchronous) and attend at least one virtual or in-person workshop. 

The Anti-Racism Foundations Certificate Program consists of four e-learning modules you can navigate at your own pace. We also offer virtual and in-person workshops that can be found on our website. All of the modules are open for registration at any time. 

Assessments: Once you complete each module, participants complete quizzes posted in OWL. There are ten questions in each quiz. You need eight correct answers to pass and be issued a certificate of completion for each module.

Duration: Approximately 10 hours (7-8 hours to complete online modules and 2 hours in a workshop).

Cost: free for Western constituents.


How to Register for the Online Modules

  1. Go the module webpage you would like to register for and click the registration button.
  2. Login to your OWL account using your email address and password.
  3. Click “Yes, add me” to join the worksite.
  4. Click on the “Instructions” tab on the menu to the left.
  5. To be recorded as having successfully completed the module, you must take a quiz once you’ve completed the module and obtain 80% or higher. The quiz can be re-taken multiple times until successful completion.

Any questions about the Anti-Racism Foundations Certificate Program can be directed to Anyone experiencing technical issues with the module can contact the WTS Help Desk by submitting a Service Desk ticket or calling 519- 661-3800.  

To learn more about how to navigate OWL, visit Western OWL Help and Support 

To learn about submitting a quiz in OWL, visit the OWL Help site. 

EDI Workshops (Starting Fall 2023)

To complete the certificate, you must attend at least 1 of these EDI focused workshops: 

Unpacking and Addressing Racial Microaggressions: This workshop will enable you to better identify racial microaggressions and understand their impact on racialized communities. You will be given the opportunity to practice strategies to challenge and disarm microaggressions.

Navigating Power and Privilege: In this workshop, you will examine your positionality and privilege, recognize the culture of power in our organizations, and use your privilege to create more inclusive spaces.

Thriving in Diverse Teams: In this workshop, you will assess the advantages of working in diverse teams, and implement strategies to find strengths in diverse study and work environments.

Allyship and Inclusive Language: In this workshop, you will examine the definition of inclusive language, its benefits, and the principles that guide the use of inclusive language in your everyday life.

Inclusive Leadership Program (Part of the Excellence in Leadership Program): This 2-part workshop offers Western leaders an opportunity to increase their EDI literacy, reflect on their own identities, and build the sensitivity and skillfulness required to build an inclusive team and address challenges that may arise (such as what to say or do when team members raise EDI concerns). For more information, please visit the Excellence in Leadership Website

If you would like to receive updates when the next workshop is being help, please subscribe to our Office of EDI Mailing List. 

Technology Requirement

To participate in the Anti-Racism Foundations Certificate Program, we recommend you have the following:
  • A Western email account.
  • A computer, laptop or tablet using Windows, macOS or iOS
  • The latest version of a web browser (or previous major version release).
  • A reliable internet connection.

You should also have the technology to watch videos, listen to audio, and download and read PDF files. 

You will also need access to a video camera and microphone for synchronous virtual workshops. 

Requesting the Anti-Racism Foundations Certificate 

Once you have completed the requirements for this certificate program, you may request the certificate through the link below. Please note: You must upload all of your certificates of completion for the online modules as part of the request form. If you do not have or know how to obtain your certificate of completion, please see the FAQ section at the bottom of this webpage. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I get multiple attempts on the quiz for each of the modules?

Everyone can retake the quiz multiple times and they are granted a Certificate of Completion once they achieve an 80% on the test. The module is also tracked through MyHR. The quiz can be re-taken as many times as needed until successful completion.

How do I request a certificate of completion for the online module?

Once you obtain at least 8 out of 10 in the online quiz:
  • Click on the Certificate Tool located on the left side menu in OWL.
  • Click on “View Certificate (PDF)” link and download your certificate of completion.

How was the curriculum for this certificate and future certificates be developed?

The e-learning modules and workshops in the Anti-Racism Foundations Certificate Program were developed and are taught by experts in anti-racism and equity, diversity, and inclusion, in consultation with a broader community of experts from Western University and beyond. These modules reflect the voices and experiences of equity-deserving group members.

Who reviewed the module and approved this module?

The modules and trainings for the Anti-Racism Foundations Certificate Program were reviewed by external experts in anti-racism and EDI-D, faculty members who are also experts in this field, Western leaders, Human Resources, Student Experience, the Office of Indigenous Initiatives, USC, SOGS, SGPS, members of the PMA, UWOSA, UWOFA, and many members of student associations at Western, among others. The module was also piloted with Western Research, WORLDiscoveries, Research Institutes, BrainsCAN, ACVS and faculty. This certificate program was approved by Associate Vice-President EDI Dr. Opiyo Oloya.