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The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion provides training throught our EDI-D focused training modules. Below is a list of current and future trainings which are accessible to all students and employees. For more information on trainings please contact

Building Inclusivity Through Anti-Racism (Required for All Western Students and Employees)

The Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) created this e-learning module on Building Inclusivity through Anti-Racism following the President's Anti-Racism Working Group's (ARWG) recommendations in their final report. This  introductory module  on anti-racism is the first building block that will count towards a certificate in Anti-Racism Foundations.

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Historical Review of Racism in Canada

It is essential to learn about the history of racism towards Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour because when we understand and acknowledge the history of these communities, we can honour, respect, and celebrate them. It is also crucial because Canada and the Western University community aim to move forward and disrupt the oppressive systems in place within our institutions and policies. Finally, Western is committed to becoming a strong anti-racist community where all can feel included, validated, heard, and respected, not despite our differences but for our differences.  

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Transforming Power and White Privilege 

This module offers participants the opportunity to reflect on their positionality as social beings and learn about privilege, White privilege, and allyship. The main goal of the module is to aid you in finding strategies to transform your privileges and power into a tool that co-creates a more equitable and inclusive environment in Western, and within your personal and professional life wherever you might be in the future.  

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Bias and Microaggressions: Impact, Prevention, and Intervention

Biases are mental shortcuts that humans use to decide what is good or bad, what we like or do not like. All human beings have biases, but they can be changed once we know we have them and intend to eradicate them. Unconscious biases can create harmful environments where people are viewed negatively, and could affect our decision-making and hiring processes, ultimately contributing to more interpersonal, institutional, and systemic barriers. Similarly, microaggressions can also harm individuals bringing feelings of hopelessness, resentment, and affecting the overall wellbeing of equity-deserving group members.

This module allows you to learn about biases, types of biases, microaggressions, and macroaggressions. Build awareness around the impact of microaggressions on both targets of microaggressions and microaggressors, identify strategies to recognize and address implicit biases, and consider microintervention tactics to disarm microaggressions.  

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Unpacking and Addressing Antisemitism

This e-learning module allows participants to reflect on antisemitism and its impact on the Jewish community, Western students, and employees. Explore the basics about Jewish communities, their main holidays, and significant symbols. Build up your knowledge on the role social media has had on contemporary antisemitism and learn strategies to address antisemitic microaggressions and overt antisemitism on campus and on social media.

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Unpacking and Addressing Anti-Asian Racism

In 2021, there was a 47% increase in racist incidents experienced by Asian Canadians (Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter & Project 1907, 2021). These incidents do not even include the anti-Asian microaggressions that Asian Canadians experience every day or the ways in which they must adapt in order to ‘fit into’ Canadian society. In this module, we unpack anti-Asian racism and the myths and stereotypes that continue to harm Asians in Canada. Explore the intersectionality that Asian communities experience in Canada and at Western. Examine different strategies to address anti-Asian racism and microaggressions.

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