Building Inclusivity Through Anti Racism

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Build up your understanding of internalized, interpersonal, systemic, and institutional racism while gaining the knowledge and skills to combat racism. Explore actionable steps that can be taken to redistribute power and engage in perspective-taking. Reflect on microaggressions and their impact on equity-deserving group members and learn about microinterventions tactics you can use to address microaggressions.

After completing the Building Inclusivity through Anti-Racism e-Learning Module, you will be able to:

  • Define anti-racism and related keywords
  • Examine racial microaggressions and the harmful impact they can have on racialized individuals
  • Implement strategies and take actions to begin or continue an anti-racist journey to create a more equitable and inclusive community at Western and in our society

This module can be applied to the Anti-Racism Foundations Certificate Program offered by the Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Western. 

Module format: Can be completed 100% online and it is asynchronous.

Duration: The module can be completed in approximately 45 minutes.

Cost: free for Western constituents.

Anti-Racism Toolkit (Optional): We recommend using this toolkit to support your learning during the module. 

How to Register for the Training on OWL

  1. Click on the “Training for Employees at Western” or "Training for Students at Western" buttons above
  2. Login to your OWL account using your email address and password.
  3. Click “Yes, add me” to join the worksite.
  4. Click on the “Instructions” tab on the menu to the left.
  5. To be recorded as having successfully completed the module, you must take a quiz once you’ve completed the module and obtain 80% or higher. The quiz can be re-taken multiple times until successful completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What prompted Western to develop a new e-learning module and mandate anti-racism training?

The new e-learning module in Building Inclusivity through Anti-Racism was developed and mandated in direct response to the recommendations set out in the President's Anti-Racism Working Group Final Report (2020). This report recommended to “create interactive/experiential training for all faculty, staff, and students. This should be mandated across campus and implemented by experts. Content should be tailored for each role, with a consistent focus on teaching anti-racism and decolonization, anti-discrimination, anti-bullying, cultural competency, equity, diversity, and inclusion” (p. 21). The module in Building Inclusivity through Anti-Racism is the first learning initiative that the Office of EDI is offering to all constituents at Western University.

What will happen to community members who don’t complete the module?

The release of this module is an invitation for all to participate toward creating a more welcoming and inclusive campus. Simply, the consequence for not completing this module is to accept the status quo – a campus where diversity and inclusion are shunned, ignored, and disregarded as described in personal accounts described to facilitators involved with the anti-racism report. We are confident that Western is keen to build a welcoming campus, and this is another step towards that goal.

Do I get multiple attempts on the quiz?

Everyone can retake the quiz multiple times and they are granted a Certificate of Completion once they achieve an 80% on the test. The module is also tracked through MyHR. The quiz can be re-taken as many times as needed until successful completion.

How was the curriculum for this module and future modules developed?

The curriculum for this module was carefully developed considering current best practices in teaching and learning in the field of EDI and present research in anti-racism. The Building Inclusivity Through Anti-Racism module was also created with the specific context of Western University in mind and in consultation with faculty members who are experts in anti-racism, staff, student leaders, and diverse Western student associations.

Who reviewed the module and approved this module?

The Building Inclusivity through Anti-Racism module was reviewed by external experts in anti-racism and EDI-D, faculty members who are also experts in this field, Western leaders, Human Resources, Human Rights Office, Student Experience, the Office of Indigenous Initiatives, USC, SOGS, SGPS, members of the PMA, UWOSA, UWOFA, PSAC, CUPE and many members of student associations at Western, among others. The module was also piloted with Western Research, WORLDiscoveries, Research Institutes, BrainsCAN, ACVS and faculty.

The module was approved by Opiyo Oloya and Western President & Vice-Chancellor, Alan Shepard, and the senior leadership team.

Are Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) required to take the employee training in addition to the student training?

No. GTAs received the student training module in September and are not required to complete the employee version. Any GTA who would like to complete the employee version, and have it included in their Human Resources records (MyHR) are welcome to do so, but it is not required.